Would you like to share your experiences as an au pair or host family?

Is this your first time as an Au Pair in the UK?

Has being an Au Pair made you see British people in a different light?

A major independent UK production company is looking for Au Pairs and their host families for an exciting potential TV Series.

From adjusting to a new way of life to feeling part of the family, this affectionate look at life as an Au Pair will focus on the unique cultural exchange that takes place when a family welcomes an au pair into their home.

We are looking for great characters who can offer a real insight into life as an au pair in the UK. If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to hear more please contact us at

Au Pair Induction & Online Training Course


Our au pair induction last Saturday at Eurocenters language school was a great success. The au pairs who attended liked our presentations, the free trial lessons provided and the chance to meet other au pairs. For us, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet so many lovely au pairs in person.

We now have a further unique opportunity to offer for au pairs; a brand new online accredited au pair induction course, delivered by Milton Keynes Language Center and agreed for Smartaupairs at half price!

To benefit from this half price offer –

Enrol your au pair online before 30 September as follows:

Enter promotional code SMART0909 (must use capitals) on

and pay by PayPal as instructed. The name of the student to enrol must be your au pair as this will be the name for the exam and certificate.

The course is designed to be a 30 hour course divided into 4 sections, covering topics such as Getting To Know Your Family, Health & safety, Food & Recipes and ‘Out & About’. Throughout the course your au pair will have access to support from a tutor plus a student forum. At the end of the course, when all the assessments/tasks have been completed successfully, an official certificate will be issued.

The Au pair course is one unit of a larger course titled ‘British Culture’; other units in the course being: British business etiquette, British heritage, People in history and Famous Britons.

We feel this will be a fantastic benefit for all au pairs keen to embrace the cultural experience!