Smartaupairs Au Pair Survey Results & Testimonials 2017

We recently did a survey with our au pairs – here is some of their
feedback 🙂 

LeonieSmartaupairs gave me the best match of family you could have! I’m so happy with my family and the support from Smartaupairs!”
Leonie from Germany

I‘m glad Smartaupairs was my agency in the UK. I felt fully informed, the guide was very eliza1helpful! I spent the best summer in London with an amazing host family. Thank you! x”
Eliza from Poland

“I am really happy with mariella1the way Smartaupairs is looking after me. I feel like I could email or call them anytime if I were not getting along with my host family. Luckily I am very happy with the family I work for and live with”
Mariella from Germany

“Keep up the good work and giving us all the informajenny1tion we need. I’m really glad that my year will be a good one because of Smartaupairs.”
Jenny from Germany

Great team! Really helping with problems etc! Such a good experience that I went for a second time 🙂
Britt from the Netherlands

“It was really easy to find the perfect larissa1host family with Smartaupairs. You had great matches.  Thank you very much!”
Larissa from Germany


Comments on our team: 

“Robyn Smith – She always got back to me , very helpful and great at being in touch”

Tuuli – when I had to leave the family because they were awful. Tuuli was very helpful and caring”

“I was in contact with Sandra, she is really nice and she did her job pretty well.” 

“I have been in contact with Gladys Ngadao. She has been really nice and helpful, when i needed some help.”

“I’ve had a lot of contact with Veerle (which was nice because I’m Dutch as well) :)”

“Salla contacted me several times making sure I am feeling good and everything is working out right. She helped me looking for a language school as well. She is a really kind and friendly person! Thanks so much for all your support!!”“I was in contact with different people and they were all super nice and helpful! :)”

“I have been in contact with Tuuli most of the time. She has been an amazing help!”


The below questions asked whether the au pairs felt they could easily contact us for help during their placement, whether overall they were happy with their choice of agency (Smartaupairs or sending agency abroad), and whether they felt the overall communication was sufficient.

It is important for us to ensure we are approachable for our au pairs and tailor our support based on our au pair feedback.
We work with top agencies abroad who supply au pairs excellent support material already at the very early stages of their application, In addition, Smartaupairs provides the au pairs an extensive au pair guide & au pair listings and lots of other tips for connecting with other au pairs
The above question addresses how prepared the au pairs felt ahead/during their au pair experience.
Other interesting stats:


This statistic is perhaps a little surprising – there seems to be a near 50-50 division between those who do/do not attend a language course.


Other means of finding friends which were mentioned were:, family & previous au pair recommendations, language classes, excuses to meet app, smartaupairs own meetups & local au pair pub evenings for example.

We did also gather a list of recommended language classes which is issued directly to all confirmed au pairs along with our other support material 🙂

Au Pair Feedback


We ask our au pairs to give us feedback towards the end of their stay with the host family. We are proud to share some to our recent au pair testimonials.

Feedback from our Au Pairs:

“I signed up for smartaupairs, and I got a call the same evening by Someone that spoke my own language! She helped me with my profile. And she found me a very nice family. I’ve been here for 2 months now, and I am really happy!” Adrienne – the Netherlands

“Dear Nicole,
Thank you for all you have done for me especially for calling the embassy to vouch for me.I was relieved when I got the visa.
And I would also like to thank you for all the information you’ve been sending me.” With kind regards Ivana

“Hi Nicole, It is really nice to see something from the country and I met a lot of new people in Cambridge. I met a Norwegian and a Czech au pair too and they were really nice I enjoyed the trip very much. I go to the English classes twice a week and I like it too. The teacher is really nice. I will go shopping tomorrow morning. I like the fashion here.“Thank you for everything. Britta from Germany

“Thanks for your work and your interest for me. I am really satisfied with your agency and with my Scottish family too. I wish you nice day…”Many thanks Maria from Slovakia

“I had a great time and learned a lot. I’m glad, that I was brave enough to do it.Thanks to the smartaupairs-team!”  Anna from Germany

“I am happy I found this agency when i decided to be an au pair because everybody does their job…….all the girls I been talking with are so nice, helpfull, honest and trustfull!! I must say I felt more confident to come to England through this agency…..i felt like protected…..I m sure I couldn t make it alone! Being au pair is exciteing is all the time something new…..but it s hard and not all the time nice moments…..but being a bit lucky and with some help it turns into a great experience!

I will never regret I came here, I changed myself a lot…I met new people, I have new friends, i saw lots of wonderfull places and for all of that I must say thank you to the agency…..the first step is always the hardest!!!!
Thank you for everything you done for me and keep going because you are good!!!” Laura from Romania

“I wish to thank all members of smartaupairs, especially Nicole Kofin, for your kindness an great support. I was really happy to have such a friendly and organized agency.” Angelina from Germany

“I was very happy with the family and I would like to thank you for your help. It was a great experience!”  Josephine from Germany
“The au pair adventure is a beautiful experience which brings you a lot and makes you grow up. I loved living with an English family and discovering their culture. There are tough moments that I think you can’t avoid, like feeling homesick and lonely ; however knowing that you have the support of smartaupairs and that you can talk to them if anything is wrong is reassuring. It helped me a lot to know that I went to England thanks to an agency which really cares about the people they help.Thanks Smartaupairs.” Fanny M. from France

“I’m happy to have found this family. Thank you very much for your help and your patience! You’re a very serious agency; I’ll surely speak good of you! Have a nice week end!” Barbara from Italy

Hey! So far I really love to be here! The UK is wonderful (as far as I got to know it..) and I think I couldn’t have found a family where I would be happier. Well, thanks to you as you “gave” me this family! And I love the people here in general, so much nicer and friendlier than I am used to, I really enjoy living here and I’m looking forward to doing some certain things I have planned for the next months in the UK. I hope you are well!! Annika from Germany

Photo Source:Alison_Dakota/Deviantart