Smartaupairs Visits Thorpe Park

The weekend gone, Smartaupairs au pairs visited Thorpe Park – not going to lie, the queues were long but it was totally worth it we think 🙂

Here are some pics from the day!

Smartaupairs Coffee Meetup Photos

With sooo many au pairs arriving in autumn, we have been busy organising events pretty much every weekend!!

Here are some photos from our last two coffee meetups in London 🙂

Are you a smartaupairs au pair and missed one of these meetups? Don’t worry, we continue organising events on a monthly basis so keep an eye on our Facebook group & mailouts! We’ve got theatre, theme park, and a trip to Cambridge  in plans!

Smartaupairs Au Pairs Go to Theatre and Museum!

Saturday 29th July

We met up with some au pairs for a wonderfully educational visit to the Natural History Museum! We met in Hyde Park in the morning and then took a walk over to the museum.

It was great to explore the different zones of the museum together – we all particularly enjoyed the earthquake zone (which has an earthquake simulator!), the human evolution area and we took lots of selfies with the dinosaurs.

The day finished with a meal together and a walk in central London to see the London Eye and Houses of Parliament.

Saturday 19th August

What a fun (albeit a bit cold) evening it was watching the Ancient Greece’s greatest epic story The Odyssey! 

We met up with some of our au pairs in London for open-air theatre the weekend gone.

Here are some photos from the day 🙂

The event was hosted by Gianna & Simge from our team.


SO Much News & New People!

So much has happened and changed in our little team in the past weeks!

At Smartaupairs we are used to hosting interns and in the last weeks, we have said sad goodbyes to both Aurelie and Isabelle. We do hope they had a great time with us – both are now going to do a bit more travelling, with Isabelle heading to Martinique, and Aurelie to South Korea!

We also said a goodbye to Robyn who was our administrator for the past two years and is moving on with her career. Luckily, she lives locally so we hope to bump into her again soon!

Who are new???

Gianna & Simge have now taken over the au pair support and Sophie is new admin 🙂

So our new in-office team is now: Chloe, Tuuli, Sophie, Gianna & Simge. We look forward to welcoming the newly arriving au pairs this summer/autumn.

Aside of all of course being incredibly nice and friendly.. here is a little additional info to each of them.


Sophie is local to us, being from Kent. She joined us in July and has quickly learnt the ropes of managing our very busy day to day admin.

Sophie has just graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in Psychology.

Interesting fact: She loves horse riding and baking cakes. She has decided her next challenge is to try and make a Unicorn cake!

the weekend

the weekend2


Simge is from Germany and is studying English and Sports to become a teacher in a German High School.

Interesting fact: She loves dancing! She used to dance (since she was 6 and used to dance ballet semi-professionally!)


Gianna is from Switzerland – and speaks 3 languages (German, French & Spanish) great when supporting our au pairs!!).

Interesting fact: She is currently undergoing tests to become a police woman in Switzerland!  How amazing is this!

And here are photos from last week’s leaving do for Aurelie:


National Nursery Rhyme Week

This week is National Nursery Rhyme Week and a few au pairs wanted to share some rhymes from their native language.

Here are their contributions with an English translation – a great opportunity for you to learn a rhyme in another language!

If you would like to learn more nursery rhymes in English, the BBC has put together a great collection that you can find here:


Jaqueline, Ilford, Essexdutch

Evelien, Redhill, Surreyspanish

Gemma, Redhill, Surrey


Celine, London


Lisa, Maidstone, Kent

Halloween Spookiness!

Here are some wonderfully spooky Halloween photos from smartaupairs au pairs.

The two winning entries are by Cornelia A and Caroline S! 

They will both receive a prize + a gift for their host children.

Cornelia A – She is currently au pairing in Wimbledon 🙂

“Good evening and happy Halloween!! Our scary picture from tonight! Trick or treat was awesome- in main roles Captain Black, Harry Potter with his beautiful Owl and me as half sceleton, half Hermione ( the boys just told me exactly how to dress- best advisory service ever! 😂👍🏼) Kind regards!! Cornelia”

Second prize winner is Caroline S, she is au pairing in London:

“This is our halloween feast, the pumpkin and our costumes to enjoy!
Halloween was great.”

Other fantastic entries:


Harleen with her adorable host children 🙂 She is au pairing in London!


Laura with her spooky host children! Loving the house decorations too! Laura is an au pair in Sussex


Julie’s super cute (yet spooky) host children! Julie is an au pair in Greater London


Sabrina’s (currently an au pair in Surrey) entry: handycraft by the host child 🙂


Entry from Janina who is currently an au pair in Surrey
“Hello there, hope you’re alright.
Living in a house with massive Harry Potter fans, the choice about the costume was pretty clear. After watching Nightmare Before Christmas and decorating everything a bit, my 2 little pumpkins got dressed in their Slytherin and Griffindor robes, ties and everything. Seeing as the two best houses were already taken, I had to get out my “I’m a muggle“ Shirt. But what is more scary or sad than being a muggle in between two real wizards?
Hope you had a great time,
Entry from Katinka:
“Hello my name is Katinka and I am an aupair in Bristol. My host child is 6 years old. He loves doing arts and crafts and dressing up.
These are his words:
“These are bats and a cat made out off toiletrolles. The little bats are made out off conkers and the big bat is made out of a bottle. The pumpkin is made out of a pumpkin and I am a spooky clown-witch! I hope you had a spooky time reading this. Happy Halloween!”
“Spiders everywhere!!! The best part was to decorate the house… hiding spiders or other scary decorations.
Ghost muffins: The kids loved creating their ghosts. They seem scary but they are delicious and very sweet 😉
Halloween Decorations everywhere in the house.
The scarier the pumpkin grimace is, the better is the Halloween mood. But before you cut the grimace in the pumpkin, you have to wash them… lots of fun!” 
The above photos are by Judith, she is currently au pairing in Buckinghamshire 🙂

Autumn Au Pair Events

Autumn is a busy arrival time for 100s of au pairs and for this reason, we have been organising events nearly on a weekly basis to help all the newcomers to find friends 🙂

Here are a couple of photos from our most recent meetup in London.

If you are interested in finding out more about Smartaupairs Au Pair Agency in England – simply visit our homepage:

Summer at Smartaupairs

Summer is such a busy time for an au pair agency – and LOTS has happened over the past months.

As many au pairs are arriving we are also organising monthly events to help everyone find friends.

Here are some snaps from our more recent events including trip to the Harry Potter studios,  coffee meetup in London & a picnic 🙂


Special thanks to arranging these events goes to our lovely Veerle – she has just sadly left us on Monday and we’ll miss her greatly.

Here are a few photos from her last day + one extra photo of her working hard on her final internship report with Tuuli (along with a glass of Sancerre).


To learn more about Smartaupairs – why not visit our homepage:

Au Pairs on Why Their Host Dads are Great!

We asked au pairs to nominate their host dads for our Father’s day competition

Below are the two winning entries to receive our little prize (and who does not like wine and cheese…)

Fathers Day

With this, happy Father’s day for all the dad’s (and host dad’s out there) from all of us at smartaupairs.

Nomination by Xilja:

Hi smart au pair team,

 I think my host dad is great, because ever since I got here things haven’t been easy. He had to teach me everything two months ago when I first got here, while he also took care of his wife with brain cancer and his two children. He is very open en very nice to me and makes my time here easy. My hostmom passed away two weeks ago and he took care of the entire funeral while still being there for his children. He’s doing such a great job with everything that’s going on and that’s why my host dad is great!



Nomination by Julie:

I would to introduce my hostdad: Peter. This competition is completely for him because is a very special hostdad. Peter is a fantastique cooker( he’s doing the best Chinese food, I had never eat in my all life) , a banking worker, the best partner to watch football on TV and an incredible dad with his children.

When I came in England, he was waiting for me at the train station and he was the most smiliest person I had ever seen. He had always supporting me and always gave me a lot of advices for the life in London, my job and my English. Even, when he comes home late, he always come to see me and said Hello and How are you.Peter always treated me like a real member of his family, spend time with me( to talk, playing Xbox, watching tv) asking me if I’m alright and helping a lot when I was injured. His the best hostdad because went I broke my toe 1 month ago, I was on crushes and I was really sad, he had trying to make me laughed during all the day to make me forget what had happened to me.Just for that  He is the best hostdad. I would love Peter received this present, to said a big thank you to him to be always really nice, funny and always supporting me :D.

With this present, he can know his the best dad and hostdad :D. So happy Father’s Day everyone, and particularly to my hostdad Peter!! Julie xx