Welcome Steph & Robyn!

Our warmest welcome to our new team members – Steph and Robyn!

Steph will be stepping into Jasmin’s role as our new intern and she’ll be helping all our au pairs, from interviews to the actual placement support. For this week, Jas and Steph are working alongside each other, with Jasmin showing her the ropes! Steph has prior au pair experience too – so she knows what it is like to take part in the programme.

Here is a note from Stephanie herself 🙂


Hey there,

I am Stephanie from Germany and I am in my last year studying Leisure and Tourism Management at the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund. Couple of years ago I was an au pair myself for 12 months in the UK and I can only say it was the best decision I could ever make. Nobody can ever take you this experience away.

I returned to the UK because I love the people and I love the country. During my 6 month stay I want to discover the South of England as I au paired near Birmingham and in Scotland.


Robyn is our new administrator in training!

Some interesting facts about her:

  • She has lots of customer service experience from working in Next as a team leader!
  • Robyn is the first female in her family to graduate from university
  • Robyn likes to surround herself with positive and happy people, who bring the best out of her.
  • To relax she likes to read, and loves to lost in a book for a couple of hours and forget the world around her.
  • Robyn also enjoys baking, from very nutty Peanut Butter Cheesecakes to a yummy Victoria Sponge Cake.

“I am keen to learn more about the ‘Au Pair’ world and excited to help bring au pairs and host families together.”


To get in touch with smartaupairs – simply e-mail info@smartaupairs.com or call 01622 772 451

We’d love to help!


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