2 Au Pairs from Smartaupairs UK are FINALISTS for the IAPA au pair of the year 2014 award!


We are absolutely elated!!!

Two au pairs from Smartaupairs UK have been chosen to be the FINALISTS in the IAPA au pair of the year award for 2014!!

WELL DONE Carlos and Irene – we are so proud of you!!

To achieve this stage in the global contest is absolutely fantastic..

(IAPA = International Au Pair Agencies Association, each year, one au pair is chosen as the au pair of the year based on their host family nomination and personal letter)

The two finalists from Smartaupairs are:

Irene Buijing 

Age: 19
Nationality: Dutch
Host country: United Kingdom

“Irene’s place in the family has become a strong and calming force, and she has contributed to the family immensely.”  RudkinFamily

Carlos Anton Alva

Age: 27
Nationality: Spanish
Host country: United Kingdom

“Carlos has built up a natural friendship with my son and with out any complaints has continued to do all the jobs that I have asked of him. Giving Carlos an award would really give Max and I and Ian the dog an opportunity to show how much we care and how grateful we are for all his help and support.”  Mitchell Family

Source: http://iapa.org/au-pair-of-the-year-2/2014-finalists/

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