How to Find, Train and Keep the Best Au Pair for Your Family by Nicole Kofkin

Au Pair success
Pocket Guide to Au Pair Success

Our book is nearly finished, the editor has finished the first 2 parts and part 3 and 4 have been promised by tomorrow 🙂

Is this au pair book right for me??

This introductory guide is written with first-time host families in mind. If you are new to au pair hosting or what you know is only from “a friend of a friend,” this guide is for you. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to get started and get it right. After reading it, you will know if au pair hosting is the right childcare solution for your family and how to go about finding the right au pair.

 The book will be an e-book in an easy to print A5 format. It has been designed to be easy to read ‘on-the-go’ on your phone or ipad. Cant wait to hear your feedback. As soon as we have the book, we will let you know how you can get your free copy.

Are you thinking of getting an au pair to help in your family?

UK families can register here for au au pair

Australian families can register here for an au pair


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