My Aupair experiences in Australia

It was a very spontaneous decision. Did I think about that entire well?! Not really – Everything went so fast…

When it was time to say goodbye to all my loved ones, I thought all that aupair-thing is crazy, I would better stay at home and do something “normal” where I can see my friends and family all the time.

But it was too late to change my mind… So I hopped into the plain and some tears of worries turned into anticipation, while I was thinking about all the things I’m going to see in the next time.

“I`m going to spend a great time in a great place and make experiences I’ll have for a lifetime

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.28.18 PM

The first days weren’t easy! I was really tired and everything was soo new… I really felt overwhelmed and my worries came back.

But my family was very friendly and understanding (They always give their best to help me and make me feel comfortable), I love my room, the people here are very friendly and open and on the first weekend I’ve already met some other aupairs (I’ve met theme on facebook, there are so many sites you can join so you can make friends easily). That really helped me to feel a bit more home.

Then my first week started and I`ve got introduced to so many different things and people. But after 1 week it felt like routine, even the things I was afraid of didn`t seemed that hard anymore…

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.31.24 PM

Then I was alone with the 2 kids (age 4 & 6), but it was easier as expected. I love to do some bakery with the kids, take them to a playground/museum/beach/zoo or teach them some games I’ve played when I was younger. And the housework is not that much, just some washing and cleaning. I mostly do that, when the kids are playing by themselves or when they in school/kindy.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.32.56 PM

It`s not always easy with the kids, especially when they’re tired… But it gets easier from week to week. And sometimes it’s good to meet other people on the weekend, so you’re relaxed to go back to work on weekdays. And sometimes I spend my weekends with the family, so I can learn more about them. It’s not just for me a new experience, also for the kids and the family (especially because I’m their first aupair). So they may need a “start-time” as well, until they know how it’s going to work…

I’m now here for over a month. All the experiences I’ve already made by now, I’ve never made if I wouldn’t have taken this “risk” to go out and see another part of the world, other people, other culture…

There won’t be just good experiences, but I hope in the end there will be more good ones than bad ones! I’m now looking forward for all the exciting and new experiences I’m going to make with my family here in Australia.

Thank you, Janine, Au Pair in Australia from Germany for sharing your story in such a refreshingly honest way 🙂



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