Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia

Smartaupairs Australia played a leading role in the foundation of CAPAA, Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia, the only trade association for the au pair industry in Australia.

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 3.45.26 PM

‘Having BAPAA in the UK made me realise how important it is to have a National Association and a Code of Conduct for au pair agencies’ commented Nicole Kofkin, CEO of Smartaupairs Australia.

The Au Pair in Australia program is growing fast and it is important that the experience is protected as a rewarding cultural exchange program. We want au pair agencies to agree to work to the highest business and ethical standards and respect Australian au pair regulations and visa requirements.

IAPA helped drafting this warning
10 potential risks you face when not using a reputable and established au pair agency:
  1. limited understanding of Australian au pair regulations and visa requirements. For many nationalities it is impossible (not legal!) to take up an au pair position in the Australia!
  2. high probability of unsuitable au pair or host family candidates
  3. absence of a written contract
  4. little or no experience in the au pair industry
  5. lack of professionalism or financial stability
  6. non-existent standards or guidelines
  7. insufficient references and/or medical certification
  8. danger of document falsification
  9. no re-match policy (secondary placement) if the initial placement is unsuccessful
  10. no local support during the placement

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