Smartaupairs UK attends BAPAA (British Au Pair Agencies Association) AGM

Smartaupairs is a proud member of BAPAA, the only recognised Trade Association for the au pair industry! Each year, an annual meeting is held among the BAPAA members, bringing together a number of au pair agencies from across the country to discuss the au pair market and to essentially find ways to develop and improve the programme.

This year, smartaupairs was represented by Tuuli & Chloe and as before, the meeting was a great motivator and source of ideas for furthering the programme

This year, one of the key topics of discussion was a childcare handbook guide which is currently being in the final stages of preparation. The childcare handbook is prepared in collaboration with Emma Dewey from Babyem (childcare and maternity courses). This handbook is certainly something we are looking to introduce as part of our au pair and host family welcome pack, in addition to the information already provided, to ensure even better preparation of our au pairs.

A presentation was also held by Kirsty Wild from Nannytax, in relation to the NI/TAX limits that are particularly applicable for Mother’s Help/Native Speaking Candidates. See more information on nannytax guidelines on the following newspage: Nannytax News

Next year will be particularly exciting  for BAPAA, due to its 10 year anniversary and we are looking forward to seeing how the anniversary celebrations take shape!

Tuuli & Chloe from Smartaupairs

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