8 ways to find friends in the UK!

Are you an au pair in the UK and are you struggling in finding (au pair) friends in your area? Have a look below and find some handy tips on how to find friends.

1. Our Facebook group > CLICK HERE
Facebook is a very useful way of finding other au pairs in your area. If you join our Smartaupairs Facebook group you can get in touch with other au pairs placed by our agency. The Facebook group is only for Smartaupairs members. We will need to approve your membership with the Facebook group. Please send us a message if you have a different Facebook user name than your real name. (admin@smartaupairs.com)

2. Au Pair Listing
Ask the agency to give you e-mail addresses of au pairs nearby and see if any meetings are being organised. You can send us an e-mail to receive the latest listing or you can join our Facebook group where the updated listings are shared.

3. Au Pair Friends Website > CLICK HERE
As a Smartaupairs au pair, you can register on this website and find au pairs placed by other BAPAA agencies in the United Kingdom. To join the website you can e-mail us to ask for the password: admin@smartaupairs.com

4. Visit a language course
Another great way to meet people is at a language class. You can make friends and learn the language at the same time! Check THIS ARTICLE on our blog to read more about different language courses you can choose from. In our Facebook Group, you can find a list with recommended language schools by our au pairs! We also recommend using the http://www.englishuk.com website. This should give you a list of available language schools in your area.

5. Au pair excursions
Sign up for a local excursion – backpacker’s daytrips in particular are often popular among young people and it is a great way to see more of the country. As an example, you can book trips on this website: http://www.internationalfriends.co.uk/

6. Join a Local Club
Joining a club can be helpful. Anything – from (team) sports, gym, fitness, running, music, reading, chess, film-club. Ask your host family to find out about clubs nearby. If there is a university in your area, there are usually student get-togethers and leisure activities.

7. Volunteer
During your time off, you can get involved in volunteering, Google ‘volunteering + your location’ to find out how you can get involved. You may be able to help with local events and projects at the local church or community centre.

8. Ask your host family
You can also ask your Smartaupairs host family if they know other families with au pairs or people of your age in the area.


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