Olympic Torch Relay

London prepares to welcome the Olympic Flame and we are also getting ready at the Smartaupairs office! Today the Olympic Torch Relay visited Maidstone, the town where the Smartaupairs office is located.

The Olympic Torch Relay is a ritual tradition in which the “Flame” of the Olympic Games is delivered to the host country, transferred from one torchbearer to another. The journey ends in the Olympic Stadium at the opening ceremony in London. This year, the Olympic Flame will be carried by 8,000 Torchbearers during a 70 day journey through the United Kingdom.

The London Olympic Games will start on 27th July and run through until 12 August.  4,700 medals are ready and waiting to be won!

There are lots of activities for children before and during the Olympics. This morning we saw lots of children with self-made torches. Don’t know what do with your host children during the Olympics? There’s a great collection of Olympic Games crafts for you to enjoy with the children on this website: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/summer_olympics.htm

Have you seen the flame? Are you going to watch an Olympic Event? Do you have tips or ideas on what to do with the kids? We would love to hear your stories and see your photos! Admin@smartaupairs.com


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