The Benefits of First Aid for Kids

Be ready, not sorry…

Is the first thing you read on the website of

First Aid for Kids

And although I am sure we all agree that ideally every member of the family and every au pair should attend a ‘proper’ first aid course, this product does make learning first aid easy and achievable.

Developed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading first aid and paediatric specialists, First Aid for Kids is an exciting and innovative complete first aid course presented either on a 90min DVD.

  • Learn first aid in the convenience of your own home
  • Refresh your first aid skills at your own pace
  • Review, refresh and learn as often as you like
  • All aspects of basic first aid are covered
  • As comprehensive as a traditional face-to-face first aid course
  • Interactive ‘hands on’ exercises to practice and test skills
  • A very cost effective way of learning this vital life saving skill, especially relevant considering the current global economic downturn

As well as refreshing and supporting those already with first aid skills, First Aid for Kids, using the latest in interactive multimedia technology in our CD-ROM’s and clear video instruction in our DVD, allows anyone to learn basic first aid skills at anytime.

We do NOT take any commission from the sales of this product and, as they are a philanprofit company, a significant part of the monies raised from the sale of either the CD-ROM’s, DVD’s or podcasts go directly back to our supported charities in the UK and Australia.

To get your personal training DVD, order today from and share the information with current and future au pairs!

We can help finding your next au pair – Call on 0800 917 81 66 today to discuss your requirements!

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