Special Needs Children

When we are asked if we can help find an au pair for a family who have a child with special needs, we generally take the following approach.

We place au pairs with a number of families who have a child with special needs, here are some of the suggestions we give to families.

First of all, do NOT expect experience with special needs! We expect an au pair to be willing to look after a child with special needs, rather than ‘able’ at time of application. It is up to the host family to give as much help and guidance at the start of the placement. It is very important that the family give as much information as possible in advance about

1) the actual child and their special needs
2) the duties the au pair has to take on with regards to this child specifically
3) how much of this is ‘sole care’ and how much of it is supported by a parent or other carers (special school etc).

If at all possible, the family should consider the au pair to start with the care for the able children in the family first of all, giving mum a chance to focus on the child with special needs and gradually increasing responsibilities for the au pair to care for the child with special needs.

4 thoughts on “Special Needs Children

  1. Daer Sir/Madam,
    my name is Fabio Salati and I’m a student of Psychology at the Parma University(Italy). My Master is on Clinical Psychology and I’m attending my last year.
    I have experience with Autism because I’m working as a tutor for an Autistic 12 years old kid in a secondary school. Last year I worked in a summer camp with autistic kids.
    I would like to work in Uk, Ireland or any other English speaking country next summer. I’m used to working with kids with special needs. Can you help me to find a family??
    Thank you very much
    Best regards,

    1. Dear Fabio, you sound like and ideal candidate to be au pair and we would be delighted to help you find a position through smartaupairs. We will contact you directly to give you registration instructions and explain what documentation we need from you to start the process. Thank you for your trust in Smartaupairs!

  2. hello my name is leanne, i am looking for a position as an au pair starting in may,

    i am currently in college studing advanced studies in special needs, and i have my diploma in early childhood education. my graduation date is may 1 2009.
    please get back to me, if you can help me find a family thanks


    ps. i have much experience with children with a variety of different needs as well as typical development, and i am currently doing a placement with york regions early interventions.

    1. We have contacted Leanne and asked her to register on our website to apply for an au pair position. We are delighted that she has contacted Smartaupairs and look forward to find her a nice host family!

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