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2 Days Before Video Shoot


As I am always looking to improve what we offer and how we communicate the benefits of the au pair experience, I felt it was time to take our website to the ‘next dimension’ …….

For me, some of the most powerful recommendations are those from a friend ‘in the know’ and this is what our au pair video is going to be all about.

We have invited some of our local au pairs to join us on Saturday to ‘tell a friend’ through our au pair video. Once the video will be on our website, prospective au pairs can see for themselves what our current au pairs have to say about the advantages of being au pair in Britain.

During the day of the video shoot we will be taking pictures of each other getting ready and learning our lines, so watch out for our pictures on the blog next week.

This is what the day will look like –


Between 8.45-9.30 arrival in Charing (nr Ashford, in Kent)

9 – 11 Hair & Make-up

9-12. 30 filming inside and outside Wealden Barn

12.30 – 13. 30 lunch

13.30 – 17.30 filming on locations nearby

(local pub, Canterbury, beach in Herne Bay)

17.30 drinks and departures

Please let me give you an update on how it is all going with the preparations.

First my big surprise for the au pairs …………

We have booked a hair dresser and make-up artist to help them to look their very best on the day!

As I fully understand that being in the spotlight makes even the most confident people a bit nervous, I want to help us all to feel relaxed and confident on the day. Don’t forget, all the girls will be in the same position, nervous and excited, just like at the beginning of the au pair experience!

Rest assured, we are all friendly and nice, nobody is a native English speaker so language mistakes are absolutely fine, it is NOT a test!

There will be girls (and one lucky boy!) from different countries and it will be fun. As we understand that it is not an easy task to perform natural in front of a camera team, we want to make it as easy as possible. And what better than to give your confidence a boost with a professional make over!

Our hairdresser Juliet regularly transforms people for big events such as wedding parties. For this occasion I have asked her for ‘smart daytime look’ so that we can look fantastic whilst caring for our invited ‘stage children’.

Our make up artist Laura often does full make-overs for artists performing on the big stage. In this case, she knows what works with the camera and what makes us look natural, healthy and glowing!

We have ‘borrowed’ several children of different ages, boys and girls who will take parts in the ‘scenes’

Our Camera Crew Rob & Sam are really looking forward to this. Sam had a lot of experience in the theatre and knows how to help us to look and sound our best in front of the camera. She says it really helps to prepare, so we have given a few ideas for planned scripts. Au pairs will not be asked to ‘act’ in all of them as each au pair will be able to take part in a selection, also they do not have to use the exact words we suggest, their own words are fine, as long as the general message is similar!

The scripst will all be about the following;

With the children – all about learning English and experiencing family life together, whilst having fun at the same time

On location – more about making friends, meeting people, seeing places

In the afternoon we will visit a traditional country pub the Tickled Trout in Wye, a couple of beautiful locations in the Historical city of Canterbury with the Cathedral and University in the background and finally we will go and play cricket on the beach in Herne bay. That way I hope to show some of the things an au pair is likely to experience during her time as an au pair in England.